About Intelligence Bureau & Responsiblities

The Intelligence Bureau is India’s inner insight agency. It was recast as the Central Intelligence Bureau in 1947 under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The explanation behind the discernment might be on the grounds that, in 1885, Major General Sir Charles MacGregor was selected Quartermaster General and leader of the Intelligence Department for the British Indian Army at Simla. The target at that point was to screen Russian troop arrangements in Afghanistan, dreading a Russian intrusion of British India through the North-West amid the late nineteenth century.


Covered in mystery, the IB is utilized to gather knowledge from inside India and furthermore execute counter-insight and counter-fear based oppression assignments. The Bureau includes workers from law authorization organizations, for the most part from


the Indian Police Service (IPS) or the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) and the military. In any case, the Director of Intelligence Bureau (DIB) has dependably been an IPS officer. Notwithstanding residential insight obligations, the IB isespecially entrusted with knowledge accumulation in fringe ranges, following the 1951 suggestions of the Himmat Singh Ji Committee (otherwise called the North and North-East Border Committee), an assignment depended to the military knowledge associations before autonomy in 1947. 

Ranks and insignia
  • Director Intelligence Bureau A Four Star Ranking Officer (post held by senior most Indian Police Service officer)
  • Special Director (Equivalent to Director General of Police)
  • Additional Director (Equivalent to Additional Director General of Police)
  • Joint Director (Equivalent to Inspector General of Police)
  • Deputy Director (Equivalent to Deputy Inspector General of Police)
  • Joint Deputy Director (Equivalent to Senior Superintendent of Police)
  • Assistant Director (Equivalent to Superintendent of Police)
  • Deputy Central Intelligence Officer (Equivalent to Additional Superintendent of Police)
  • Assistant Central Intelligence Officer I (Equivalent to Deputy Superintendent of Police), DANIPS Officers
  • Assistant Central Intelligence Officer II (Equivalent to Inspector of Police)
  • Junior Intelligence Officer (Equivalent to Sub-Inspector)
Difference Between Intelligence Bureau posts ACIO  AND ASO through SSC CGL
  • They are not same. SSC gives stress on arithmetic while ACIO exam doesn’t have more than 20 questions on arithmetic, reasoning. Depth of questions on Indian modern history and world history is more in IB exam than in SSC(10–12 questions only). Essay writing plays major role in ib exam. IB exam is little easy than SSC but it’s giving you the same pay as most SSC jobs. However increasing competition may result in tough outcomes. By the way, Serious UPSC aspirants can easily crack IB exam..
  • Acio are tasked with field work of intelligence bureau but aso tasked with administrative work of intelligence bureau.If you want to be a real detective of ib then go for acio not ASO .
  • acio is a 4200 grade pay…while aso is a 4600 grade pay post before 7 th pay…so there is a difference of rank as well as salary of 8–10k..

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